Deaf skateboarding

The camera video ran by leave it on the floor plus hold camera up the air. Later on that day, edited the clip, uploaded in then posted it on this blog. *ping* The project is very simple procedure.

Now, I’m exciting to make more clips then post it again! Watch out for new clips coming..

Thank you for visited.

Go to Video Google (ASL VLOG)

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  1. brian werner says:

    I am so stoked that you skateboard. Write me back asap. I will mail you a free 30 min “we can’t hear you!” VHS deaf skateboards video. It was made on 2003 and DVD is on progress with We can’t hear you! part 2 with more hardcore deaf skateboarders from all over the world. DVD should be out end of this year ( four hours total in dvd.. too many mini dv to edit and goes on… crazy!) Deaf skateboard website is on hold for updating new photos, new products and much more. It should be out end of this week, Deaf skateboard company has been running since 2002. We are look for hardcore deaf skateboarders, I want to help them turn Pro and make living off skateboarding. It is up to them. So Holler me back. you have go look for deaf skateboards and you will see many many deaf people there. Keep it real~ happy skateboarding~

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