Interview with Protestor & arrested on “Black Friday” (ASL VLOG)


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April, 1st, 2007,

I was very pleased to interview with Raychelle, who was happy to share her experience with protest and arrested at Gallaudet University on Oct. 13th, 2006 “Black Friday”. The interview was at the gate, 6th Street on the campus.

Enjoy the VLOG!



  1. Jana says:

    Wow. Thanks for that moment videoing the part where it occured, the BlackFriday, many students were arrested. It sure gave me an idea where it was. Good job videoing.. short and sweet but powerful message to the community.

  2. MikeS says:

    I enjoy this warm and heartfelt interview. Thanks for showing the place around there.

  3. Mishkazena says:

    Hi Raychelle! I met her during the protest after the Capitol Rally.

    Jon, kudos to you for interviewing Raychelle! We need more of these interviews 🙂

  4. Joshua says:

    WOW! it’s so good thing about change after happened. when i watched her videoclips about “Black Fridsay” they make me so cried i just can’t imagine if i am there as show we are pride to be there for Gallaudent U! make future get bestest and improved for FUTURE KIDS! it’s make me thinking of Gallaudent……………. keep up with ur videoclip

    Joshua Womick

  5. Jay says:

    Yeah that spot is full of memories for me as well. I stood by the fence near the gate hinges for several hours hacking on my sidekick informing my Indiana friends what is happening in real-time. It was emotional for everyone, with all the people, bright artificial lights shining in, flashing in many colors on zillions of police cars and paddy wagons, and the unbelievable wave after wave of protesters of all ages, races, and sex united for a single cause. I saw how emotional we all were when they refused, heistated, and finally arrested that hero in electric wheelchair. Something I will never forget.

  6. Susan says:

    good to see Raychelle! 🙂 does anyone have a video clip of the actual protest, where the area was full of people?

  7. Joey Baer says:

    Great stuff! Thanks Jon for doing a such historical interview!

  8. Jay says:


    I am sure you can find many photos and videos on the protest off the ‘net, but I would like to share some of my slide shows:

    Black Friday Day & Night


    The Day After

  9. Katherine says:

    I am envious of Raychelle for she’ll talk about her first hand experience with the Unity for Gallaudet protest on a daily basis from the start to the end that’ll last as long as she lives, including telling a story about it in her rocking chair one day 🙂 I would have capitalized on the opportunity if I was a student. I thank people like her who have been actively involved to save Gallaudet. It would be good to interview more protestors in the future for the sake of history preservation.

  10. Jean Boutcher says:

    Jon, Thanks for sharing the video of the Raychelle Harris interview with us. Your video gives us a clear picture of what the 6th Street Gate looks like. Hope to see more video interviews.

  11. todos la vie says:

    Jon, it’s nice to see a familiar face talk about what happened. I knew Raychelle from one of our classes together as undergraduate students. It’s funny seeing her back there, with you interviewing her, and Jay showing slide shows. Wow, very surreal. Thanks!

  12. Albert W says:

    You are smart. We need to see the result of Friday, October 13th. We must record for our history sake. We must keep our eyes on Gally or any community to protect our rights and freedom. We must show the future people that we care for Gally. One of my students planned to cancel Gally this fall because of jordan’s performance. She has decided to go to NTID. I am still fighting for her to attend Gally. She said Gally goes downfall. I told her that she is responsible to make the difference when she gets there. Nah, she is going to NTID. My heart is still bleeding.

  13. Joe Dannis says:

    Cool! One of few interviews about post-Gallaudet protest.

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