Spanish Spices: My experience at Deaf West Theatre

(Transcript in English)

Video recorded 10/10/10 at Deaf West Theatre by West Bay Productions

“…Spanish culture comes from my mother and I’m part of the Spanish culture that becomes spices. Here’s my vision of my childhood journey…”

Wow! I can’t believe a week has been passed already since my performance. I have been thinking and analyzing since then.

I would like to give you a vision of surfing. Here’s my surfboard and it looks good and ready to surf. I go ahead and get on my surfboard and paddle out through the waves. I get stoked from riding the waves. This version of surfing can apply to performing on the stage. I make sure I’m ready to perform and the script is all set to be performed. I was stoked from the audience reaction. That’s exactly how I felt between those two visions.

Deaf West gave me the greatest opportunity to come, perform on the stage, and promote my show. I also had the opportunity to meet with the crew and the wonderful audiences. Since I got the opportunity to perform at Deaf West, it made me feel that I can go on a national tour here in America.

I would like to share the differences and similarities between a vlogger and stage performer. In my old days during my childhood, I was a stage performer and performed in several plays until 4 years ago, a new hobby came up. It’s called vlogging and it’s something new that I have never done before. A new experiment. When I vlog on my computer, I feel alone because I had to wait for the comments from the subscribers. I don’t get the same and immediate reaction that I get from the performance on the stage. It was a bit challenging.

I praise all the deaf artists and performers who perform on the stage because they are very courageous and create wonderful and bold plays. It brings a lot of memories when I perform on the stage. There are different kinds of performers: storytellers, poets, comedians, and skits. In my old days, I would tend to get together with my 5 to 10 friends who are deaf artists that we would share old stories and laugh together. The group of friends grew bigger and bigger. It made me realize that there are actually many of them out there.

I look forward to new and old performers who can come back and perform again on the stage. Vlogging can apply to performers on stage. How? Promoting the show, recruiting the fans, and express their experiences on the stage. I know there are some vloggers who have potential to perform on the stage. I look forward to that.

I want to thank Deaf West again for pushing me to grab the best opportunity to perform again in 4 days. It was the best experience I ever had. I want to see the same thing from other performers as well.

I want to thank…

Douglas Ridloff – “Once in a Blue Moon…” One Man Show, Gregg Brooks – Master of Ceremonies, Holly Savage – Spices and Blue Customer Service, D’Ana Spencer – House Manager, Kimberly Mitchell – Stage Manager, Aimee Mele – Assistant Stage Manager, Andrew Leyva – Voice Interpreter, Len Savage – Videographer David Kurs and Tyrone Giordano – Co-coordinators for the Deaf West Fall Showcase, and Ed Waterstreet – The Artist Director of the Deaf West Theatre

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