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L4A:3.Being a Vlog-watcher

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– Want 30 minutes back after watch TV!
– Writer’s style = ASL’s style?
– Worth by duration or content in the vlog?

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L4A:2.Being a Vlogger

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– Story about little girl want a puppy but she don’t have “it”
– My first “it” to being a vlogger.
– Didn’t like YouTube at first then…
– Is Lenois my Last name? View at this vlog from last year:

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L4A: 1.Pre-Vlogger

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– Nice to be with my family during the memorial weekend at the bay.
– My first reaction about Audism and Deafhood.
– Analogy: Is a screwdriver dangerous or is it just a tool?
– All of my experiences with acting and videos before vlog. Do they fit in vlog?

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Downsized my Vlogosphere

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Summary: reason for me leaving DeafVIDEO Site

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RAW ASL Theory: Tiar and Lruth Vloggers

RAW ASL VLOG: AB2072 = Gold?

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NO to AB2072! More info at

Fist VS Hand for DeafHope

Click-n-vote to make different for DeafHope to stop domestic violence! All Deaf women, who is victim need to go to home and safety not facing a fist! Go vote at DeafHope and Chase Community Giving.

We are Deaf: One and Many

Thank to MishkaZena that she had a great idea about this vblog to included everyone, who believes in quote:

“Ask not what your Deaf Community can do for you; ask what you can do for your Deaf Community.”

More info at Mishkazena’s website

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Ella Mae Lentz gave a presentation about the crab theory at National Association Deaf in Palm Desert, CA during the summer of 2006. I saw this video on Joey’s Vlog that got me truly inspired. Her theory had been on my mind since two summers ago of 2006. Last summer of 2007, I created a story little by little until recently this story became completed through my experiences in Deaf and ASL bvlog sphere.

Wait a minute.. I LOVE DEAL CRAB THEORY!

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