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¡Día internacional de las personas sordas! Tijuana, B.C., México

¡Día internacional de las personas sordas! Tijuana, B.C., México

28 de septiembre de 2007


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Hola aquí estoy en la marcha de sordos en Tijuana baja California y se ven con mas de 300 personas en Tijuana y ensenada con 150 personas participando la comunidad sorda y oyentes para defender el derecho a la LSM y celebrar el día mundial de sordos y elizeth Grijalva comenta que la marcha es por el día mundial de sordos con acuerdo de vestir de negro como símbolo de luto para demostrar al gobierno y la sociedad que si hay sordos y defensa de nuestros derechos y fin a la discriminación. Y llegamos al monumento a Lic. Benito Juárez García presidente de México que fue el primero en promulgar la ley federal de sordos para iniciar la educación al sordo y le hacemos honores a benito Juárez por ser el defensor de los derechos de sordos y ahora le pasamos a Rafael plascencia primer ex líder sordo de Tijuana que cuenta sobre la escuela nacional de sordos en tiempos de benito Juárez que apoyo a la educación al sordo gracias a un profesor sordo francés Eduardo huett para implementar la enseñanza de lengua de señas mexicanas a los sordos y esto apoyo mas y lastima que con el tiempo y cambios de la presidencia se acabo la educación al sordo y ahora pasa con el ex líder José dolores Domínguez para explicar la historia de apoyo a los sordos sobre la importancia en lsm y de la educación y luego Graciela rascon explica sobre el derecho a la educación que gracias a benito Juárez que fue el presidente de México que apoyo a los sordos y por la ley de sordos para seguir con la educación y el derecho a la lengua de Señas mexicanas.
Traducido de LSM al escrito en espanol por Cuauhtemoc "Temoc" Contreras Borbon (De Tijuana) Video por Tod Carter (San Diego,CA) Editado por Jon Savage (San Diego, CA) (English) Hello, I am here in the march of deaf people in Tijuana Baja California and they are seen with but of 300 people in Tijuana and Ensenada with 150 people participating the deaf community and hearing people to defend the right to the LSM and to celebrate the world-wide day of deaf people and Elizeth Grijalva comments that the march is by the world-wide day of deaf people with agreement to dress black like mourning symbol to demonstrate to the government and the society that if there is deaf people and defense of our rights and aim to the discrimination. And we arrived at the monument to Lic. Benito Juárez García that the president of Mexico was the first in promulgating the federal law of deaf people to initiate the education to the deaf person and we make honors him to benito Juárez be the defender of the rights of deaf people and now we passed to Rafael plascencia to him first deaf ex-leader of Tijuana who does account on the national school of deaf people in the days of benito Juárez that support to the education to the deaf person thanks to deaf professor French Eduardo Huett to implement the education of language of Mexican signs to the deaf people and this support but and hurts that with time and changes of the presidency I finish the education to the deaf person and now it passes with the ex-leader Jose Domínguez Dolores to explain the history of support to the deaf people over the importance in LSM and of the education and soon Graciela rascon explains on the right to the education that thanks to benito Juárez that was the president of Mexico that support to the deaf people and by the law of deaf people to follow with the education and the right the language of Mexican signs. Translated from LSM to written spanish by Cuauhtemoc "Temoc" Contreras Borbon (Deaf Tijuanian)

Video by Tod Carter (San Diego, CA)

Edited by Jon Savage (San Diego, CA)

International Sign Language Day Rally Plan (Guest vlogger: Michael Boucher)

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Hi !!

This is Michael and I’m deaf. I am Student at University of California, San Diego to becoming a teacher for the deaf children in the future. I’m excited to celebrate International Sign Language Day (ISLD) at Balboa Park Club as same day for Deaf Awareness Day (DAD).

International Sign Language Day is to remember the deaf people from all over the world, who suffer for not learning sign language by many schools that are not allow to use this method of communication. Now, we want to show our love from what we choose as to celebrate on special day.

How can we let the world to recognize us? We can wear black tee and you could wear your own or you can buy the printed tee that are being sold at San Diego California Association of the Deaf (SDCAD) booth at DAD event. It only cost 15 dollars per shirt and part of the money will donate to SDCAD.

We have been preparing to have the rally at 4 outside of the Balboa Park Club.We are inviting anyone, who want to give out a speech, poetry, and/or comment. If anyone do, please have them send email to Jon ( At the (ISLD) Rally.

We want to bring out a message to the world during the rally.

First part of Rally:

Open Celebration included speech, poetry, and/or comment.

Last part of Rally:

Everyone, who will wear knots around their wrists then we will chant


Look back

Yes, Yes, Yes.


Yes, Yes, Yes!


Now, Now, Now!


(pop out the knots)

(Hands up in air then remove theblack t shirts)


P.S. Jon will be making two announcements on the stage at 2 PM & 4 PM on Sat at DAD.

Two Deaf President Support International Sign Language Day (ASL VLOG)

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San Diego American Sign Language Teachers Association (website)

California Association of the Deaf, San Diego chapter (Blog)

California Association of the Deaf (Website)

Deaf Community Service, San Diego (Website)

Pah! Line, Custom Screen Printing Services (Website)
Note: Transcript coming soon.


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International Deaf and Sign Language Day inspired me!

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Mainsparis’ vlog (LSF Vlogger: Bruno Moncelle) INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE DEAF

Ella Mae Lentz’s vlog: September 29, 2007 Take Action!



I wanted to share the information with you from what I heard about Sept. 29. I decided to check out the vlogs. The two vloggers inspired me. Bruno (Deaf & French) and Ella were talking about Sept. 29th to have a special day for all of us to remember that sign language is for the deaf people. I would like to show how I felt about that day.

(Jon put black shirt on)

Now, I felt something by wear this black shirt. It made me feel morosely and fell apart by limited on sign language. I can see most of deaf people were dissuaded to have a deaf community in my hometown. That’s depressing for me and I understand why I’m wearing this black shirt. I do understand what audism have done to the deaf people and me for a long time. Also, we have experienced in our journey through a rough road as we searched a better place for all of us. I would like to have International Deaf and Sign Language Day to be visualized all the way around the world that is unity. We are able to accept by digging up in our souls to see on our hands and spirits to be united. All of us can understand better and then we could chant before by 4 PM as we show to the world that Deaf people want to see Audism to stop now. We can inspire ourselves to use sign language for socializing and communicating. How?

(Jon took black shirt off)

Now, I could visualize in sign language as colorful. Now, I’m wondering if we could make it happen. YES! Here, San Diego as the same day event with Deaf Awareness Day! I asked DAD committee to let us to be included for the event as for San Diego chapter of California Association of the Deaf and San Diego chapter of American Sign Language Teachers Association. I hope to have them to join with us to celebrate on this event together as unity.

I want to make a suggestion about selling t shirts with designs included the definition of the word, AUDISM on the rear of tee. We would like to support Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) for having a special guest, who would give out a presentation to our hometown. The special guest can inform people with deaf children that American Sign Language is a successful language for deaf people to use for their communication and social skills. Also, ASL will improve their English writing skills as well. I would love to spread the words out in my hometown, deaf people, and deaf community.

Want to join us to have a celebration on International Deaf and Sign Language Day?