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Hello, Welcome Bruno Moncelle to America from France. Jon Savage shares with the world about the short story about how they contacted with each other. About two years ago, Bruno announced about M.A.I.N.S. that it encourage deaf people to unity on International Sign Language Day. Jon was inspired about it and wanted to discuss with him with many ideas through video email.

Jon asked,”Do you remember that?” He said,”yes”.

Last Aug 1st, 2008, Bruno came to San Diego to give a presentation about M.A.I.N.S. that Jon grabbed an opportunity to meet up with him for a discussion.  Jon was fascinated with his presentation that gave out excellent information.  Jon decided to set up an interview with him so the world can see what’s happening with M.A.I.N.S.  Jon asked a few important questions on the video clip that might make you people to consider to get involved with this celebration. All right!

Jon: I do really enjoy your presentation.  It made me to think to ask what’s important to set up of the M.A.I.N.S.?

Bruno: It’s important that there are deaf people are strong from all over the world that do get involve with Deaf community. I have noticed that some of the Deaf communities have changed over the years. I noticed the same thing with my country which is France. Now, I have a great idea to have one place in the world that all deaf people can see each other to be able to unite.  Again, it’s another good reason for unity so Deaf people can celebration together.

Jon: That’s good! It’s important for all of us to understand.  Next question is what’s the goal to establish?

Bruno: I do have my goals that I believe deaf people can have empowerment. I had experiences with protests for the deaf people in France. They know my reputation for protesting about anti-Cochlear Implants, Government, and Doctors. I have educated them about deaf people that they have equal rights. I realized that I have done protesting in France for a long time and been focused in my country too long. I eager to have Deaf people to get involve with the world to make a different to help each other. I requested a proposal to the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) to have a special day for the celebration.  WFD thought it was a great idea to make it happen however they can not be responsible for this kind of event. WFD revitalized to many countries do make the best for their own deaf communities. I got involved to make it different and they support me because the event have positive feeling about what is best for Deaf people. Of course, Sign Language can be a unity through the world.  I grabbed the idea while deaf people are already using videophone, traveling, and website where Deaf people can communicate through M.A.I.N.S. website. Also they can follow the idea by M.A.I.N.S. that Deaf people can establish their own website then they can become strong and unity with others. Everyone in the world can represent to WFD that they can give best status to the United Nations to understand what Deaf people is all about and their equal rights. Ensure that we all have the same goals and we have great support by deaf people.

Jon: That’s a very good goal! What’s your plan to have people to get involve?

Bruno: I had an idea that it is a good time to have the event on the last week of Sept. WFD announced to have the celebration on the last week of Sept annually. They would like to set it up the anniversary when the WFD was established.  I highly recommend to have one week celebration instead of one day.  We start to celebrate from Monday to Sunday. The week will be included meetings, presentations, performances, and many different ideas can go together.  Everyone need to be aware about the celebration on the last week of Sept so we can expand the recognition of Deaf people and anyone who are interested to celebrate with them. All of Deaf people can share about deaf community to the hearing society. Deaf people know that we have been focus ourselves in the deaf community too long but we need to be open to the hearing society once a year.  Hearing people can learn and can work with deaf people better. If Deaf community don’t open to the hearing society then when will the hearing people understand about deaf community? It’s possible that the deaf communities could be fade away. Compared with the Native Americans, they should have done represent strongly about themselves but now, they are fading away through out the history. I don’t want to see happen to the Deaf communities what the Native Americans went through.

Jon: Wow! Thank you! I am enjoying this interview!

Do you want to know more information about Bruno??  Jon encourage you to attend his presentation in San Francisco, CA on August 20, 2009. Don’t miss it!

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Mondiale des

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