Renny rode a skateboard!

(:44 minutes) Video hosted by

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  1. White Ghost says:

    Yay1 The next step for her is to practice in the water *BEFORE* she become a professional surfer. 🙂

    Why don’t you get her into the surfing competition? That’ll be wild idea.

  2. Deaf Pixie says:

    Savage Family,

    Sound likely Renny want to practice skateboard before she could learn surf board on sea water. I thought Good idea to learn to practice. Renny obviously want to learn with the surf .. It might not always same.. but more likely similiar between skateboard and surfboard. Good idea to use it and common sense! I bet you proud of her Renny is excellent bright child.

    Happy Holiday and Wonderful into Happy New Years of 2008!

    Deaf Pixie.

  3. mishkazena says:

    Oh, that is so cute. She is gonna be a natural, just like her Dad 🙂

  4. Tayler says:

    “Renny Savage wins the 2017 Skateboarding Championship!”

  5. LaRonda says:

    I love that you share videos of your kids. You look like such a fun dad! I agree with the others. Renny is headed for the surf if she hasn’t been out there already!

    You look pretty talented on the skateboard too!

    Lenny’s next! Watch out!

    ~ LaRonda

  6. Deb Ann says:

    Beautiful! Daddy and Daughter’s special Day together!

  7. Barinthus says:

    Oh no! Renny is ahead of me! I need to start practice and catch up!

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