Answered to WHAT, WHY, WHO, HOW, WHERE, and WHEN about American Sign Language in 34 seconds!

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My video clips is on DeafNation News #14 – SPECIAL EDITION (Best video clip of week)

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  1. MISH says:

    Love it, love it!!!!

    Too awesome for words. 🙂

  2. mishkazena says:

    totally RAD 🙂

  3. Dennis Bacon says:

    Your short film ROCKS!!!!

  4. Yes, Yes!!! ASL Rocks!! Your awesome vlog!

  5. Jon Savage says:



  6. Missy Keast says:

    CHAMP!! Love your fast rock. It is so GROOVY!!!!

  7. Tayler says:

    Great stuff as always!

  8. deb ann says:

    You’re CHAMP! ASL!

  9. JohnABC says:

    Love your short video! ASL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ron says:

    Awesome! Your ASL song is great and so real! I always loathe people who interpret songs from English to ASL and hope people will start creating ASL songs like yours! You rock! – Ron –

  11. Kyle Brooks says:

    ASL ROOOOOOOOCKS!! Yeah, we rule!

    I love your short video.

  12. Skunk Skinner says:

    YOU GOT 10 STAR!!!!!!!!!

  13. gina b. says:

    it’s one of my new fave vlogs! it made me laugh so hard. i admire your creative work and highly spirit in ASL.

  14. That great Asl rock

  15. Jogn says:

    Real good post, great to hear about your experience

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