‘Nobody’s perfect’ Play

(Transcript in English)
Hello you all!

I would like to make a brief vlog and here’s the flyer that I have in my hands. It’s a play called “Nobody’s Perfect” based on a book written by Marlee Matlin. She is a deaf actress from TV shows and several movies.

The play is going to be interesting since there will be hearing and deaf actors perform simultaneously in spoken English and ASL. I’m wondering if they will be speaking English and signing ASL simultaneously. Or will there be each actor using spoken English and sign ASL simultaneously or the each actor will speak English and another actor sign in ASL.


I will go to the play and find out how it goes. I’m in contact with the marketing director at Poway Performing Arts Center and plan to set up an interview with the cast. I will be asking them questions about their deaf community and how all the actors fit in the play.

It’s amazing that we will be having a play here in the suburbs of San Diego County called Poway which it is my home only few miles away. Other people who live in the city and they would have to drive all the way here. It’s not often that we don’t get deaf plays here in this city.

For more information, you can check out the website.

Website: powayarts.org/event_Nobodys_Perfect_09.asp


  1. codadiva says:

    Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to hear how the show is!

  2. David says:

    I’m in Rancho Bernardo. I will definitely go to this play. Thanks for advertising it!

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