Clip Interpreting

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Written/Spokesperson – Dustin Pelloni
Video/Editor – Jon Savage
Sound – Len Savage,

The Short film: Have a heart

The short film got selected for Lavender Carpet Film Festival!

What’s Lavender Carpet Film Festival?

DeafHope is excited to launch a new idea for our annual Glimmer of Hope event which will take place on February 22, 2014. We are going Hollywood in the form of a film festival! The theme is “Lavender Carpet Film Festival 2014: Lights, Camera, Activism!” featuring a series of community-based Public Service Announcements (PSA). Join us for delicious appetizers served throughout the evening, good friends and inspiring conversation about how we can change our community.

DeafHope is inviting filmmakers across the nation and around the world to submit short feature films, documentaries, film shorts, animation, and experimental works. Accepted films produced by Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence agencies and community allies will be eligible for category-specific Audience’s Choice Awards.


“Have a heart”

Written by Holly & Jon Savage
Director, video and edited by Jon Savage
lighting grip – Brad Cohen

Husband – Eric Calbert
Wife – Marla Marks
Heart Man – Alexander Zernovoj

BizGenius Youth Camp

Introducing Youth Summer Program: BizGenius Camp at Gallaudet University where your child learns how to be a successful future entrepreneur! The first deaf youth business camp at Gallaudet is coming this summer from July 26th to August 3rd. Visit for summer registration information and more!

Spokesperson: Renny Savage
Script written: Noelle Bell,
Video produced: Jon Savage

Mr. SeeTerp’s Super Bowl National Anthem

John Maucere as Mr. SeeTerp –
Video Produce by Jon Savage

Jon Savage Gallery will be attending an event in San Diego!


Jon Savage Gallery will be attending a special event here in San Diego that UR Charities will be hosting on Janurary 25th, 2014.


This is such a special event. UR Charities, Inc. is walking the talk, so to speak. Two of the artists displaying their art at this event have special needs. One is Deaf and the other has cerebral palsy. Their art will be for sale, so please come out and support them and us.

WHEN: Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Merrow, 1271 University Avenue, San Diego [Click here for direction]

Lynda West, is the founder of UR Charities Inc, found us through a mutual friend and invited us to attend to this special event. UR Charities is a nonprofit charity that helps kids and adults who are disabled and supports them by providing them services they need, such as closed captioning, sign language interpreting for Deaf people, seeing eye dogs for people who are blind, tutoring and other resources for people who have autism, down syndrome, Asperger syndrome.

Jon Savage Gallery will be displaying and selling artwork at the event. Please do spread the word to friends & families to come and support us.


Jon Savage Gallery Team

CSD’s PSA: “Meet The DiPaola family”

To learn more about how to give your Deaf child the gift of ASL, contact our Early Intervention Educational Consultant, Laura T. Petersen at 510-344-6191 vp 510-794-3751 v Email:

The PSA is created by California School for the Deaf’s Outreach team, JAC Cook and Julie Rems-Smario, and a Deaf video producer/editor, Jon Savage.

California School for the Deaf
39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA 94538

Mr. SeeTerp’s Meteorologist

John Maucere as Mr. SeeTerp –
Video Produce by Jon Savage

Mr. SeeTerp Promo

The video for instagram –
John Maucere as Mr. SeeTerp –
Video Produce by Jon Savage

15-Seconds Video of Jon Savage Gallery

Jon Savage Gallery is offering anyone who would be interested in purchasing portrait commissions. Please check the website for more details.

CSD’s PSA: “Gift of ASL”

The PSA is created by California School for the Deaf’s Outreach team, JAC Cook and Julie Rems-Smario, and Lenois Productions.