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I’m sure you have read about RSS, if you don’t understand the concept of RSS?

Then let me explain what RSS is in ASL version. When you come in any website, if you have more than one website that are your favorite. You will see an orange box that says RSS & XML.

When you come in www.bloglines.com, register your information and subscribe your favorite website on the list. When I have the time to check bloglines.com to see if one of my favorite websites have a new post. I can click it and it will go directly to the website. It will save a lot of your time.

When you see any deaf blogs or vlogs, they have ready for you to go to deafread.com. Since they are already screened by them. They have information regarding to topics related to deaf.

It will save your time after you would enjoy reading Deafread.com that has many interested topics in one place.

Also, Good tips about RSS:

How to read DeafRead with a RSS Reader By Jared Evans

Time to try RSS Reader By Grant W. Laird, Jr.

RSS is a family of web feed formats By Wikipedia®


  1. grantlairdjr says:


    Wonderful video!!

    Appreciated it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great exposure to new ASL concepts and Great practice for advanced signers
    and interpreters for Sign-to-Voice skill development


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks, Jon. you explained it clear! Look forward to more VLOG on your site. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jon Savage says:

    Hello all,

    I glad you enjoy and understand about this.


    Yeah, I’m working on more vlog. ;^)


  5. CleverClogs says:

    RSS Explained in American Sign Language…

    Now isn\’t this ironic: usually we\’re being told to make an effort so that deaf people are not excluded from conversations between hearing people, but with Jon\’s ASL video about RSS it\’s the other way around: it\’s clear Jon is extremely proficient in ASL and I personally would so much like to know how he explains RSS to deaf people.

  6. Nitoen says:

    RSS forklaret for døve pÃ¥ YouTube…

    Hvad er det nu lige det der RSS gÃ¥r ud pÃ¥? Der er nu en behjælpsom sjæl som har optaget sig selv pÃ¥ video, hvor han forklarer hvad RSS er – pÃ¥ døve-sprog! Han har derefter lagt videoen pÃ¥ YouTube, sÃ¥ alle vi andre ogsÃ¥ kan følge med!…

    (translate from Danish to English)
    RSS interpreted by deaf at YouTube rss , know What\’s that actually straight that there RSS goes forth at? There\’s actually a help somebody soul that has adopted themselves at know , where he explains what RSS is at deaf – languages! He has thereafter laid know at YouTube , so all we others too can be accompany!

  7. food processing…

    Like what you have to say. Your blog makes good since to me….

  8. very best idea!…

  9. Susan says:

    pah! I finally understand what RSS means! thank you Jon =)

  10. Ben F says:

    I know very little of ASL (I use BSL) yet I understand your video very well! You’ve explained it really clearly why it’s useful to use a RSS reader as it’s much more convenient.

    Brilliant vlog – found this page through my colleagues at work, clearly your video is making a difference. Cheers for the effort!

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  13. Charles Cox says:

    RSS feeds are really great because you are always updated with the latest news or blog posts.”.,