My experience at CAD 100th Gala (ASL VLOG)

My experience at CAD 100th Gala by I learned about what’s going on at Gallaudet, Deafhood workshop, and history of CAD & CSD-Berekley. Also, I’m support to Joey’s VLOG:

Failed Leadership at Gallaudet (ASL Vlog)

Go to Video Google (ASL VLOG)


  1. Joey Baer says:

    I always enjoyed your vlogs!! Keep it up!

    Regarding your words about what you saw at CAD 100th Gala, you are absolutely right. Every member regardless their backgrounds came together to discuss on how we can challenge ourselves as Deaf people to higher standards!
    Unity for Deaf people!

    You did awesome job in Deafhood Monologues! I look forward seeing Deafhood Monologues to be shared all over in this country!

    You rock, Jon!

  2. WOW! Great to see you again!

  3. DE says:

    Great job, Jon! And it was even more great meeting you that weekend @ CAD!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    GREAT VLOG! Thanks for sharing! =)

  5. Nancy M. Carroll says:

    Hello Jon: I am glad you enjoyed the CAD 100 Year Anniversary Gala! As Vice President of the State CAD, our board work hard to try and unite Deaf people in positive ways. Sometimes the truth about what is not working for us hurts, but it is important that we communicate on issues of concern to improve our community. Set up a CAD Chapter and continue with your vlogs!

  6. George'71 says:

    let’s jump on the bandwagon and do something for San Diego!

  7. Jon Savage says:


    You are welcome…

    your comment does make me want to make more vlogs! two or three vlogs are coming soon.. 😉

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