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ASLTA-SoCa: celebrating 200 years of ASL

We edited 1 of 28 videos for American Sign Language Teacher Association of Southern California on instagram.com/asltasocal

More info about ASLTA-SoCa at facebook.com/asltasocal

Adam Jarashow announces #whyIsign goes GLOBAL

Image description and transcript available at [Click here]

SHARE YOUR #whyIsign stories MARCH 13th – 15th, 2016

Vlogger: Adam Jarashow
#WhyIsign creator: Stacy Abrams
Script-writer: Adam Jarashow
Project Director: Julie Rems-Smario
Video Studio: Rosa Lee Timm
Video Editor: Jon Savage (Lenois Productions)
Music: Len Savage (West Bay Productions)

Personal Vlog about 7240

(No Transcript at this time)

7240 Supports Deaf Children

(opened captions)
The vlog was post at kickstarter.com/projects/jonsavagegallery/jon-savages-7240/posts