In the Search of Deaf Surfers

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“In the Search of Deaf Surfers” Vlog transcript

Hi! Don’t you love surfing? I mean the real thing like riding on the waves like you see out there. I have to tell you, I learned surfing about 20 years ago and over these years I always have loved it. I saw some Deaf friends out there going surfing. So naturally I joined the growing group of Deaf Surfers. When the internet came into the picture, the group of Deaf Surfers grew really huge. Now I’m asking myself why don’t I make a film that will document Deaf Surf History? Hmm, yea I ought to do that!

After thinking about the idea, yea I’m going do it! I’ve decided on the date, August 7th through August 21st, starting in Bay Area and travelling southbound towards San Diego in the state of California. What will I be doing? I want to meet you Deaf Surfers, I want to interview you and shoot a video of you surfing. Accumulated footage may be put in the film. Also I would love it if you Deaf Surfers who used to surf back in 1950’s have old films, pictures, trophies, etc… Yes, I would like to interview you too and even if you no longer live in California but you used to, it’s not a problem. Come on! Let’s go surfing!

You Deaf Surfers really want to help me make history? My goal is to meet you between August 7th and August 21st. Please email me to let me know by July 29th or before so that we can arrange a time to meet. The email address is Let’s make history together!

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  1. drmzz says:

    Cool project. Good luck with this project!

  2. codadiva says:

    Way to go Jon!!!
    I wish you much success! Follow your passion and how amazing about the job opportunity at surf shop!


  3. l want talk enjoy fun deaf alot best friends people to video

  4. joshua futerman says:

    one of my classmate early 1990,s name is darcy de la cruz from university highschool used to be surf for many years his father name is tom de la cruz also teacher for training job too … he grew up hungtion beach between main street and adam st too .. u can check out … who am i … i had see u servel time on blog or video … maybe u know one of them …. good luck with deaf surf history hope u can make it one day …. maybe u can share with me some deaf tattoo history too…..

  5. danielle says:

    hello lenois ,hello iam danielle gravenbeek ,i 37yrs .iam hearding and hear more .i am from amsterdam ,netherlands . iam really at book america sign lanugaue good and very i am leran and lesson . i look for where to cailforne and maui siland the surfing like ,but how i learn to surfiers really ?? ,i am dream near to deaf really the world champins where i would like . could i ask ? when go i vacation to ?? and of have a the deaf group or camping some i hope ?? when and date or at write you ?? .. i hope . my and webcam meeting windows live messenger. i will conrant to when surfers . pleas lennios cocah bye caio mahalao daag danielle later

  6. danielle says:

    pleas facebook meet danielle gravenbeek ok

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