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BizGenius Youth Camp

Introducing Youth Summer Program: BizGenius Camp at Gallaudet University where your child learns how to be a successful future entrepreneur! The first deaf youth business camp at Gallaudet is coming this summer from July 26th to August 3rd. Visit for summer registration information and more!

Spokesperson: Renny Savage
Script written: Noelle Bell,
Video produced: Jon Savage

Mr. SeeTerp Promo

The video for instagram –
John Maucere as Mr. SeeTerp –
Video Produce by Jon Savage

Mexican Food Fundraiser!


7240 Update with Kickstarter

Transcript from ASL to English:


Hello! Welcome to 7240 Vlog! Here’s the update information on 7240. We would like to thank all the deaf artists who submitted their applications for the 7240 event and we did enjoy viewing their artwork. When you come to our event which is between December 18th to 20th, 2012, you all will enjoy to view their artwork including mine! The next discussion is the location which is Space 4 Art.


That place, Space 4 Art has their own mission statement which is they inspire each other, they are creative thinkers, they involve with the community, they believe in cultural diversity, and empowerment. Those values do fit with 7240’s theory.


Lastly, Kickstarter! The sign for Kickstarter is ( see the video ). The website for Kickstarter is great for people who have projects in varied fields who need help with support to exceed their goals. 7240 decided to go ahead with the Kickstarter. We have backers like you, who support the project by setting up funds with each pledge. The funds that backers place for their pledges won’t be charged right away; only when the funding goal will meet then they will be charged. If the goal does not exceed, then the backers won’t be getting what they pledge for. If the goal does exceed, two things that 7240 will get or do which are send thank you postcards and artwork what the backers pledge for to them and will be able to get the funds to provide the services that we need for 7240 event. Importantly, 7240 event will stay on with and without Kickstarter.

We thank for your support in 7240 and they do make a difference for the future!! Thank you for watching this vlog.

Transcript from ASL to English:

Inspired! Hello! Welcome to 7240 Vlog. Did you see those? Hopefully those do inspire you! I would like to grab the opportunity to explain what inspiration I can do for you in your own home. I can give you some different ideas.

– You see the VW bus? It could be your favorite car or your pet that you could hang up in your home.

– Love. Love is a positive inspiration. If you have any word that does inspire you greatly, I can make the word into a sign and become an art itself. You will see art that will make you feel good forever. That’s an idea.

– Chuck Baird; famous artist. If you have any family from past generation or old pictures of your family members that you would like to convert to art.

– Lastly, we pick one of our backers from Kickstarter to paint this one. It could be your children or family. That’s an idea.

Have you thought about picking out something that it would make you excited and inspired? If so, please support 7240 Gallery with your contributions. Kickstarter won’t meet the goal if we don’t have your support. The clock is ticking and we have until Dec. 10th. If you have any questions, I’m happy to correspond with you through email. Thank you for watching this vlog.


Lenois’ Kitchen Talk: 7240

(No Transcript at this time)

Jon Savage’s personal vlog about experience of 7240.


This project will only be funded if at least $3,500 is pledged by Monday Dec. 10, 1:36pm PST. Support me and Deaf artists at

More info about the gallery (December 18-20, 2012) at:

Trailer: Evelina’s “No Name Yet!” Show

Evelina calls La-La Land her home- the place where all stories are created, adapted and then readapted, even if it’s already remade for the sixth time! Oh, the stories! Evelina could tell you about the time she was literally transplanted on a silver platter from Bucharest, Romania to Los Angeles.

June 3rd & 4th, 2011, San Diego, CA
More info at

Edited by Jon Savage

Trailer: The John Maucere ASL Poetry Show

An evening of artistic imageries based on the human experiences, will be given in ASL poetry and ABC stories by John Maucere, a world renowned entertainer. These original pieces, carefully crafted to produce a range of emotions will leave you with a profound sense of humanity and a better understanding of the world today.

More info at

Written by John Maucere
Directed, cinematography and edited by Jon Savage

Rob Roy Show – 2010 Promo

Rob Roy has performed in 27 different countries from around the world; he will be coming to your hometown to perform! His performance has an innovative creativity to experience his Australian natives.

More info at
Written, directed, cinematography and edited by Jon Savage

KODAWest: Sneak peek of KODAWest Camp 2010

4th Annual KODAWest Camp
June 27 – July 3, 2010
Camp Surf
Imperial Beach, CA

More info at

Directed and written by Kavita Pipalia, KODAWest’s Camp Director
Cinematography and edited by Jon Savage

Eastern Deaf Timberfest 2010 Trailer

10th Timberfest Anniversary
Spring Gulch Resort Campground
New Holland, Pennsylvania
June 23 – 27, 2010

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Cinematographers by Tim Mulford & Jon Savage
Written, directed and edited by Jon Savage