ASL vlog: Opening for a position at DawnSignPress

I have been working for over 5 years at DawnSignPress which is one of several Deaf-owned businesses in San Diego. I love the the ASL-friendly environment since all of employees, deaf and hearing, sign with each other.

We have been in business for over 25 years as a publisher of quality American Sign Language materials with the “Signing Naturally” series as one of our popular products. If you are ever in town, you are welcome to stop by for a short tour of the building.

I also would like to let you all know of an opening for warehouse clerk at DawnSignPress!


(1:22 minutes) Video hosted by
Courtesy of DawnSignPress


I’m sure that you all have been enjoying watching my vlogs on but now I would like to put on my DawnSignPress hat as the warehouse manager. I am using this vlog to announce a job opening for a warehouse clerk at DawnSignPress. This is a full-time position that comes with benefits. If you are interested or know anyone who would be, please apply with your resume by May 10th! Please read the below for the full details!

Good luck!


Position Announcement: Warehouse Clerk

Summary Description

Under supervision of the warehouse manager, performs a variety of packing, shipping, record-keeping duties; and performs related work as required.


Packs sales orders and ensures shipment of orders; prepare stock for sale and shipping: performs periodic physical inventory at end of each month; records receipt of sales returns and returns books/videos to stock; prepares and posts data to computer, logs, and forms; performs light cleaning and maintenance; performs other general clerical, duties as needed.

Employment Standards

Experience: One (1) year of responsible shipping and warehouse operations duties.

Knowledge: Basic fluency in American Sign Language, basic business mathematical computations; modem warehouse methods, procedures and equipment/computer systems: fundamental recor-keeping principles and procedures; operations & maintenance of forklifts desirable.

Skill: Following oral, written and signed instructions; reading, writing and performing mathematical calculations at the level required for successful job performance; operate shipping, word-processing, spreadsheet, and accounting software systems; typing 30 words per minute from clear copy; learning rules, methods, policies and procedures of the workplace; communicating effectively, orally, with ASL, or in writing; work cooperatively with other; paying attention to details; working independently in absence of direct supervision; analyzing situations accurately and taking effective actions.

This job description is not limited to the tasks described above and the job specification should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position. Candidates will follow any other instructions, and perform any other related duties, as may be required by their supervisor.

DawnSignPress is Deaf owned and managed publishing company specializing in instructional sign language and educational deaf culture materials for children and adults.

Please send letter of interest and resume including three references to Jon Savage, DawnSignPress, 6130 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121-3223, fax to (858) 625-2336, or email to

DawnSignPress is an EEO/AA employer.


  1. IamMine says:

    Darn. 🙁

    Does your company provide reimbursement for re-location? 😀 😉

    Oh well.

    Like I’ve said before, darn Californians….

  2. Cathy says:

    Pay $ an hour?? Since San diego is very high cost of living. pay re- location? Huh?

  3. Katherine says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that under the Employment Standard category, there is a skill where it says following oral instruction is one of them. Does that exclude those with the inability to follow orally even
    if they could write to communicate as an alternative? Would you care to enlighten us what it means to
    help us understand? Thank you in advance.

  4. gally07 says:

    FYI: I clicked PLAY, but it shows no video. It says 1 minutes & 22 minutes. Something’ wrong w/ my computer? My IBM computer is Windows XP, Home Edition, SP 2. I’ve QuickTime. Other vloggers’ videos
    work fine except your video.

  5. Kenipela says:

    Hi Jon,

    Your presentation is very professional, and very informative. By the way, it kept me district few times when you were signing, however, I noticed an orb kept moving around you at least three times. It may sounds crazy or strange to you, it comes to my energy you have a spiritual around you. you need to take a close look at this orb comes down from the above of your head towards to the bottom on the right side. Don’t get freak out lol 🙂 I am sure a spirtual look over your shoulder and protect you as well :-)…

  6. Jon Savage says:

    Hello Gally07,

    I tried send you email but got bounce back. Try copy and paste this URL:

    Also, I clicked this vlog recent and it worked fine. hmm.. that’s stange!

    Thank you for let me know anyways.

  7. mark says:

    Excellent site, It was pleasant to me.

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