ASL Poetry: The Lotus (T’Shirt)

(ASL Vlog)

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(No Transcript for ASL Poetry)

Presentation about International Sign Language Day by Jon Savage

(5:20 minutes) Video hosted by
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Remember International Sign Language day!
With a powerful picture, and the definition of audism! Show the world we are here to stay!

We have several shirts left!

(updated: 10/8/07)

10 men’s medium, 19 men’s large
1 women’s medium, 13 women’s large.

$15 for shirt, $5 for handling and shipping. Total $20.

Email your requests to with the subject line: T’shirt order.
Checks/Money orders accepted. Money order is best to ensure fast shipment.
Checks and money orders to CAD SD.

Send money to:
6490 Lanston st.
SD CC 92111


  1. deafk says:

    Oh, my goodness, you are a great singer!! You just expressed beautifully!!

    I am singing with you…cuz I love how you signed!!


  2. deafk says:

    sorry, signer, lol… actually, you looked like singing, but you only sign expressively for the poem… grinng. I am signing with ya, instead of singing..heh..


  3. drmzz says:

    I like this water flower poem. When it was pulled out of water, it tears my heart. Such beauty is very fragile indeed. Good job.

  4. DeafKathy says:

    So beautiful and too true! We (ASL users) are as flexible as the root of Lotus, we have people of all races, colors, fat/thin, tall/short and many level of educations and we still are one strong community of ASL!

  5. DeafKathy says:

    By the way, could someone take photo of the t-shirt closeup for better view how it looks like?


  6. JungleForest says:

    What a beautiful poetry! 🙂 I like that T-shirt logo. That story reminds me of a movie, “Karate Kid 2” is about a bonsai plant live within an unique island surround ocean, had a special care. Flower need water to grow larger beauitfully with strong roots stand.

    Enjoy watch your vlog about ISLD. I’ve learn something new signs for poetry, milan, and shipping. 🙂 Thanks!

    Forever ASL!

  7. Rick says:


    U are Jammmm! oh opps ( Champ) ! I enjoy ur ASL expression!! Ur shirt logo is the perfect sample of ur poetry connects to the printout of our struggles ! Good Job Buddy!!

    Rick ( Ally)

  8. LaRonda says:

    Hi. I loved the concept of the 4 elements in the Lotus poem. You were so inspiring to watch. A shining star that day! San Diego has a good leader in you!

    ~ LaRonda

  9. ASL Risen says:

    Hi Jon!

    Beautiful awesome poem! I am too shy to publish that my size for tee shirt is small but I do not mind to buy “Medium”… Got any left over for medium size? Pls let me know.. Thanks. Shawn

  10. Jon Savage says:

    Hello Shawn,

    Let you know that I send your comment to San Diego, California Association of the Deaf then they will contact and process your order.


  11. florence marr says:


    you look good asl i feel good i feel good you great asl asl wow and


    florence marr

  12. An excellent ASL poem… a keeper for sure! I would like to add your poem to my collection (it’s a small collection right now though). I would love to see you make ASL poems for children, as well as ASL stories. You have a talent for it.


  13. fun t shirt says:

    I hoping you keep updating.

  14. Carlos Kelly says:

    I also like to make poems and read lots of books that is related to Poetry.-:;

  15. i love poetry because it is a way of expressing my own feelings.:–

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