ASL Poetry: Handshape ‘S’

The video produced in May-June 2010.

Tags: Jon Savage American Sign Language Vlog long short hair stop audism Deaf


  1. MIchael says:

    good job, but what are you doing at Deafread. It is an anti-deaf site. Full of CIs. You don’t need hits from Deafread.

  2. Cynthia Roberson says:

    Deaf Read: Anti Deaf??? Full of CIs???? My Gosh,, whomever you are,,, you are so narrow minded to have to disqualify what is too Deaf to be in Deaf REad!!!! You must be so uneducated to have to make such an imbecile comment… !!!

    I Love watching Jon Savage!!! He opens up to who he is and shares so much of his talent to a very diversified group of whatever hearing loss there may be.

    You must be a Deaf Vampire,,, a bad one!

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