Who is Alexander Graham Bell?

Transcript (English)
Jon & Renny: Hello

Jon: Now, I want to grab the opportunity to have my daughter will join with me on this vlog. We are talking about Alexander Graham Bell. Who is that person?

How much do you (Renny) know about AGB?

Renny: He invented the phone and he’s probably a smart man.

Jon: That’s what she learned about AGB from a public school when she mentioned that he’s smart.

Do you (Renny) know what the story is behind of AGB?

Renny: Hmm, I don’t know.

Jon: That’s why she knows him by as little as he seems like a smart man that invented the phone.

Now, I will grab the opportunity to explain to you what the story is behind AGB. He was into speech therapy called, “Visible Speech” that was he before invented the phone!

Renny: I wish that I knew about it before.

Jon: He was excessive on speech therapy for a long time until the phone appeared. He was very successful after inventing the phone and convinced people to donate to him. Most of the funds went to improvement of speech therapy and audiology. We, Deaf community, introduced him to “Sign Language” as an advantage! However, he disagreed with Deaf community and said visible speech is the solution. So, he was still excessive on the speech therapy continually. No matter his philosophy on deaf culture because the phone were successful as proven sufficiently.

Renny: I wish that I knew what’s behind AGB’s story.

Jon: Now, what do you (Renny) think of him?

Renny: He isn’t a very good man!

Jon: Important! When you look someone up that’s successful, check the person’s philosophy with the background that might fit us as Deaf community or an individual. Be supportive to the person more than just someone who invented.

Do you (Renny) have someone to look up that been successful and inspired. Of course, would you check person’s background?

Renny: Yep! That’s true!

Jon & Renny: Bye

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  1. Don G. says:

    You should also have told her about how AGB did not want any more Deaf people on
    Earth and how if he had his way, she probably would never have been born.

  2. timothy trotto says:

    AGB never invented the phone, but he get it patented sponsored by Hubbard. Another man from Italy invented the phone. AGB was very famous stealing idea. For example, after the one of Wright Brothers crashed his plan and AGB sneaked into the tent to copy its design. At last, AGB failed to fly his new plane competing with Wright Brothers at NYC. Famos quote from Wright Brothers, “Did you know about the wings?” AGB was dumbstrucked from his quote after hiring engine engineer. Again, AGB tried to compete with Thomas Edison with new amphimere on the phone. Again, AGB failed so his pattern he always stole idea from people’s works.

  3. timothy trotto says:

    Believe or not, AGB was fluent signer. i watched his short movie. Plus, he was very skilled artist. NAD president was shocked meeting AGB after AGB said his name to him after their long conversation in London.

  4. Jon Savage says:

    Thank for left comments here and Renny read them!

  5. Are you serious? Timothy Trotto.

    AGBELL was fluent ASL which I never know evidence. Do you have information about his discovery when he met his wife. his wife is deaf and oralism?

    Margaret A-T

  6. Margaret A-T says:

    Timothy Trollo,I never know that AGBell was fluent ASL signer.. Surprised and need to know if you have a website? Where can I see the movie?

    I just surprised and never know.. I knew AGBell was married to his wife who is also deaf and do not allow her to use ASL and oralism seem failured for deaf children today.

    Margaret A-T,Seattle,WA

  7. Margaret A-T says:

    Forgot to additional..AGBell is eugenic and not allow the ASL to the children or anyone who loss their vision. Deaf-Blind person cannot see the oralim. They often push them to do not allowing the ASL for Deaf-Blind. it is ironly!!

    Margaret A-T

  8. Ed Laucks says:

    To Tim Trotto. I think you should study your history a little better. It was not an Italian that invented a phone. It was a German. History tells us it was not as good as Bell’s phone. The German inventor never bothered to get a patent and died before Bell even got his patent. He built on the combined wisdom of others — just as Reis had built on the work of Bourseul before him. Bell was not the man who undermined Wright Bros patent. IT was Curtiss. He even took the Wright Bros to court and lost. Bell did look at the Wright Bros. plane afer Orville nearly lost his life. But, by this time, Bell already flown an airplane. Nothing like the Wright Bros though! And Bell work along with Thomas Edison and vice versa. Don’t manipulate history for your convenience.

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