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The Noblest Gift by Douglas Ridloff

Published on Aug 13, 2015
Homage to George Veditz.

Video by Lenois Productions

4D Film Camp: Example of how to use SLS


SLS (Sign Language Script) – Click here to watch the video

The Short film: Have a heart

The short film got selected for Lavender Carpet Film Festival!

What’s Lavender Carpet Film Festival?

DeafHope is excited to launch a new idea for our annual Glimmer of Hope event which will take place on February 22, 2014. We are going Hollywood in the form of a film festival! The theme is “Lavender Carpet Film Festival 2014: Lights, Camera, Activism!” featuring a series of community-based Public Service Announcements (PSA). Join us for delicious appetizers served throughout the evening, good friends and inspiring conversation about how we can change our community.

DeafHope is inviting filmmakers across the nation and around the world to submit short feature films, documentaries, film shorts, animation, and experimental works. Accepted films produced by Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence agencies and community allies will be eligible for category-specific Audience’s Choice Awards.


“Have a heart”

Written by Holly & Jon Savage
Director, video and edited by Jon Savage
lighting grip – Brad Cohen

Husband – Eric Calbert
Wife – Marla Marks
Heart Man – Alexander Zernovoj

“What IF… The Quest for VRS in Canada”


The BCVRS Committee has co-produced a short documentary-drama film with Lenois Productions. It speaks directly to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commissioners about the reality of TTY vs. Video Relay Service (VRS) in the Deaf community of Canada.

The film is scheduled to appear at the hearing for the FIRST TIME in our government’s history when BCVRS presents on Thursday, October 25th, 2013!

Short Film: The Intersection [CC]

The convergence of Man and Zombie who is Monster?

Star: Todd Lyons and Joanna Skvarka

Edited: Bill Perrine

Written by: Meta Neuschuler, Bill Perrine, and Jon Savage

Directed: Jon Savage

Film project for University California San Diego | Digital Arts Center (DAC)