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Meet Stacy Abrams, the Person Who Started the #whyIsign Movement

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SHARE YOUR #whyIsign stories MARCH 13th – 15th, 2016

Vlogger: Stacy Abrams
#WhyIsign creator: Stacy Abrams
Script-writer: Adam Jarashow
Project Director: Julie Rems-Smario
Video Editor: Jon Savage (Lenois Productions)
Music: Len Savage (West Bay Productions)

Inspirational story: Hadel

7240 Update with Kickstarter

Transcript from ASL to English:


Hello! Welcome to 7240 Vlog! Here’s the update information on 7240. We would like to thank all the deaf artists who submitted their applications for the 7240 event and we did enjoy viewing their artwork. When you come to our event which is between December 18th to 20th, 2012, you all will enjoy to view their artwork including mine! The next discussion is the location which is Space 4 Art.


That place, Space 4 Art has their own mission statement which is they inspire each other, they are creative thinkers, they involve with the community, they believe in cultural diversity, and empowerment. Those values do fit with 7240’s theory.


Lastly, Kickstarter! The sign for Kickstarter is ( see the video ). The website for Kickstarter is great for people who have projects in varied fields who need help with support to exceed their goals. 7240 decided to go ahead with the Kickstarter. We have backers like you, who support the project by setting up funds with each pledge. The funds that backers place for their pledges won’t be charged right away; only when the funding goal will meet then they will be charged. If the goal does not exceed, then the backers won’t be getting what they pledge for. If the goal does exceed, two things that 7240 will get or do which are send thank you postcards and artwork what the backers pledge for to them and will be able to get the funds to provide the services that we need for 7240 event. Importantly, 7240 event will stay on with and without Kickstarter.

We thank for your support in 7240 and they do make a difference for the future!! Thank you for watching this vlog.

Transcript from ASL to English:

Inspired! Hello! Welcome to 7240 Vlog. Did you see those? Hopefully those do inspire you! I would like to grab the opportunity to explain what inspiration I can do for you in your own home. I can give you some different ideas.

– You see the VW bus? It could be your favorite car or your pet that you could hang up in your home.

– Love. Love is a positive inspiration. If you have any word that does inspire you greatly, I can make the word into a sign and become an art itself. You will see art that will make you feel good forever. That’s an idea.

– Chuck Baird; famous artist. If you have any family from past generation or old pictures of your family members that you would like to convert to art.

– Lastly, we pick one of our backers from Kickstarter to paint this one. It could be your children or family. That’s an idea.

Have you thought about picking out something that it would make you excited and inspired? If so, please support 7240 Gallery with your contributions. Kickstarter won’t meet the goal if we don’t have your support. The clock is ticking and we have until Dec. 10th. If you have any questions, I’m happy to correspond with you through email. Thank you for watching this vlog.


Mini-Docu & Art: Charles-Michel de l’Épée

Awareness and discovery the Deaf history of Charles-Michel de l’Épée (l’abbé de l’épée)

Paul Maucere:
This morning I went for a walk with the group and Daniel,  we happened to notice that behind the statue there was a bottle of glass sticking through the statue’s hand.  We were laughing and thought it was hilarious.  We passed it and went on a tour at the Versailles.  WOW! The Versailles was fabulous!  Afterwards, we walked back and saw the statue again.  We thought, why not take a picture and make a laugh out of it?  We realized who the statue was, and it’s Charles-Michel de l’Épée!  He was born here and he used to be a Catholic priest here in Paris.  The glass bottle sticking in the statue’s hand was signing as “dieu” for “god” was disrespectful to the Deaf community. Daniel got emotional when he saw it and he decided to climb up to get the glass bottle out.  We all felt it’s an oppression to the deaf community.  We would like to honor this statue of de l’Épée to keep it clean and be more respectful forever!

Jon Savage:
Hello!  You see the video that I shot? It went by quickly.  I viewed the video and it inspires me occasionally.   I decided to capture the video and turn it into a painting.  You think that I captured a single shot for my painting?  No I did not.  I captured twenty different videos to make it one painting!  Did you notice that the people in the video looked different than what they wore in the painting?  I did this on purpose. Daniel is wearing the colors of the French flag,  Paul is wearing the colors of US flag, the heart on the white bag represents as the basic foundation of personal growth, and lastly the other bag represents academics and education. Using sign language increases the growth in academic and education for deaf students.  They can use empowerment through their knowledge and social skills in the Deaf community.

I would like to honor to the institution was the first public school for the deaf in the world, established by the priest Charles-Michel de l’Épée in Paris (Institution Nationale des Sourds-Muets à Paris).  Laurent Clerc was one of the students at the school and went to America to work with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Clerc’s teachings and making him the greatest influence in the establishment of new deaf schools in the States. We are so inspired by Clerc for his influence to the Deaf community.  We must realize that Clerc had his education by de l’Épée in Paris.  We would like to show the statue of de l’Épée that it does not show an oppression to the Deaf community of sign language.   Since we celebrated de l’Épée’s 300th birthday, we hope that this artwork will continue to inspire more Deaf children to use sign language.  We hope that there will be other paintings to represent each country flag to use their own sign language and make it spread to others.

I used one roll of strings to hold this painting together and it represented as the evolution of old and current sign language.  This painting is tied together to symbolize that to move on to the future and learn better communication skills,  the past can’t be left behind.  To understand current signs in Deaf cultural, the history of deaf cultural has to be acknowledged. The one roll of string is an important piece because it connects the older (rear) frame to the new (front) frame to make sign language more appreciated. If there is a loose gap between old and current sign language then oralism will take over Deaf education. Deaf cultural would be fall apart then start all over again!  That’s why the string must be tied very tight and very well.

People who still use sign language are fortunate to learn from the past. Then sign language will live forever.

Thank you!

Lenois’ Kitchen Talk: 7240

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Jon Savage’s personal vlog about experience of 7240.


This project will only be funded if at least $3,500 is pledged by Monday Dec. 10, 1:36pm PST. Support me and Deaf artists at

More info about the gallery (December 18-20, 2012) at:

Intro: Jon Savage Gallery

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Check out more artworks at or

By Jon Savage

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Sign Language: Ripple Effect

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By Jon Savage

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Updated: NAD-Nothing About Us, Without Us?


Suggest to revise the commercial or replace the plenary session- South Dakota Governor Daugaard at 2012 Biennial NAD Conference in Kentucky.

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by Jon Savage

link to NAD’s vlog “Nothing about us, without us”:

Updated from NAD (6/1/2012) As announced previously, Governor Daugaard is unable to attend the NAD Conference.

NAD Responds community discussion governor daugaard –

Who is Alexander Graham Bell?

Transcript (English)
Jon & Renny: Hello

Jon: Now, I want to grab the opportunity to have my daughter will join with me on this vlog. We are talking about Alexander Graham Bell. Who is that person?

How much do you (Renny) know about AGB?

Renny: He invented the phone and he’s probably a smart man.

Jon: That’s what she learned about AGB from a public school when she mentioned that he’s smart.

Do you (Renny) know what the story is behind of AGB?

Renny: Hmm, I don’t know.

Jon: That’s why she knows him by as little as he seems like a smart man that invented the phone.

Now, I will grab the opportunity to explain to you what the story is behind AGB. He was into speech therapy called, “Visible Speech” that was he before invented the phone!

Renny: I wish that I knew about it before.

Jon: He was excessive on speech therapy for a long time until the phone appeared. He was very successful after inventing the phone and convinced people to donate to him. Most of the funds went to improvement of speech therapy and audiology. We, Deaf community, introduced him to “Sign Language” as an advantage! However, he disagreed with Deaf community and said visible speech is the solution. So, he was still excessive on the speech therapy continually. No matter his philosophy on deaf culture because the phone were successful as proven sufficiently.

Renny: I wish that I knew what’s behind AGB’s story.

Jon: Now, what do you (Renny) think of him?

Renny: He isn’t a very good man!

Jon: Important! When you look someone up that’s successful, check the person’s philosophy with the background that might fit us as Deaf community or an individual. Be supportive to the person more than just someone who invented.

Do you (Renny) have someone to look up that been successful and inspired. Of course, would you check person’s background?

Renny: Yep! That’s true!

Jon & Renny: Bye

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Cartoon: HB1367

“5 minutes drew on a white board”
That’s what HB1367 look like!
Lighthouse = Deaf school
Light = outreach
Boat = Deaf children
HB1367 bill MUST die!

Jay Krieger’s ASL vlog,”Whats up with HB1367?”

This vlog introduces viewers to HB1367, explaining what it is, where it is in the legislative process, and some reasons why we should stop that bill.

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